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On Strike

Posted by plasticpam on February 11, 2008


    People are finally stepping up and doing something. For the first time in a while, Jordanians object to an important issue. The issue is that taxes are skyrocketing; gas and diesel are higher in price- diesel 100% higher. That is outrageous, people are already starving I do not know what is next. Jordan is the second most expensive country in the world compared to wages, the monthly salary of employees is not even enough to support one person. The Government increased the salary only by 10%, yes…as if that will help.

    Most problems in Jordan are the consequence of poverty crime is higher than ever. Jordan had the safest streets, now you have to hold you bag or purse close by and never walk alone.   

    I saw a bunch of people standing in the middle of the Jordan University road; blocking it. I was so excited to finally see some action. They were holding signs and even pictures of people eating off the garbage.    I really wanted to join them on the strike but unfortunately I had to go (my mom needed the car!). To show some support I shouted words of encouragement! I hope the strike lasts though since every time I am in one it ends dramatically, more like war breaks when the police harass us. I just really hope that it grows bigger and some change will occur. 

   What surprised the most that it was actually an organized strike, we do not see that much of any prior planning in Jordan.



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Snow, Snow, Snow

Posted by plasticpam on January 31, 2008


    Snow, snow, snow…not much of a fan. However this year it is a bit different. I like snow now- to an extent!

     Last time it snowed, like this time of year. I went to university while it was snowing to meet with a special one- not to actually attend class. It was amazing; we played a bit with snow and ran back to the car. Sat in the car and listened to music; I still remember one of the songs.  


     But this year it is a bit annoying, no special whatever. I am at my sisters, been here for two days. I think I am going to go ballistic! Nah, it is alright I guess…

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Road Kill

Posted by plasticpam on January 31, 2008


    I am angry, sad, furious and just simply sad. My kitty (Tofi)- a gorgeous ginger chinchilla breed is another victim of a hit and run.

    My furry baby was playing outside- where he should not have, on the road when a mad inconsiderate driver ran over him. The driver did not ever have the decency to stop and see what happened. Why would he? Of course Arabs are inhumane by nature I know that sounds harsh, but Arabs think of cats as creatures roaming the roads for no reason. How inconvenient.   

    How many kitties are murdered every single day, I see at least two when I am driving home or whatever. None of the drivers feel a bit of remorse. Who the hell loves anything that is not human? Wait, not even that right?  

   People disgust me, Tofi was precious I loved him so much. I did not even get the chance to say good-bye. I am sure the murderer did not think of that. It is only an insignificant being crossing the road. It really breaks my heart. 

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It is Just Me…

Posted by plasticpam on December 30, 2007

    I watched The Secret in my hour break at Jordan University- for the third time (yes JU has some interesting stuff). I really do get the point, be optimistic blah, blah! (Haven’t we heard that broken record). It is not that easy to apply though. My life has been a series of unfortunate events; optimism is seriously out of the question! I really do try but all my friends and family say that I’m a ball of negative energy. I do not really think so, try being in my shoes and we’ll see who is the pessimist.

   As we were all watching (Amino and her class mates, I just pop up for no apparent reason!) Amino would give me the eye whenever the speaker says, “You need to think positively” or whatever. It is hilarious, I felt ungrateful. Ok I am privileged in many ways but freedom in some forms are lacking. I am still a woman after all!

   However, The Secret does really work, I’m sure you have heard it a million times. But it really does. “The universe is a catalogue”, “Thoughts become things” I wish it were that easy. I advise watching it. Getting a new perspective in life.

   We all probably apply The Secret one way or another unconsciously. It is a way of life almost all religions state that. Basically The Law of Attraction governs all lives to achieve happiness effortlessly. Thinking positively pays off.

    Anyways, my new years resolution is to stop being depressed, whiny and complain about useless things. Although it became a habit, it is just me. This time I will try harder to stick to it for good. Maybe I will get my dream car! I already got the most important thing.

   On my way out some students were disappointed because they expected to watch an action movie instead!

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Happy Birthday Amino…

Posted by plasticpam on December 21, 2007

     Today the 21st of December is Amino’s Birthday 🙂 (a.k.a 5aroof). Happy Birthday to you…cha cha cha…. happy birthday to you…cha cha cha!! May the coming year be filled with joy and accomplishments. May it be filled with endless work hours and bankruptcy! Happy 20th b-day; yes you are still young! Hope you had a great time :)… Je t’aime mon cherie.

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Happy Holidays..

Posted by plasticpam on December 19, 2007

    Happy Eid and Merry Christmas everyone. Hope it is not boring as mine! I’m not a Ma3mool (soft dough stuffed with dates) fan or any of the Eid stuff people do- stingy relatives! I usually spend Eid days couch potato style! Any who, enjoy the holidays 🙂 Try to cut the ka’ek a bit; by Sunday the nation will be Ma3mool saturated. God help us!

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Laugh Out Loud

Posted by plasticpam on December 14, 2007

    I was sitting in my Italian 101 class- bored to death, while the Professor (originally from Italy) asked a student to draw his Family Tree on the board. He drew a short one- to avoid darting Italian questions his way.

    When I asked him if he had any cousins he answered no just because he did not understand the question. The professor was extremely surprised to find a Jordanian with no cousins “non e’ vero? Non e’ possible! Tu sei Giordano?”- That is not possible? Are you Jordanian?

    The professor was baffled, as she knows that most Jordanians have 20 cousins! The student answered her “YES I AM JORDANIAN” banging his chest like a monkey. It was like the professor offended him or something.

    That reminded me of hilarious a video I watched on Axis of Evil Comedy Tour by Maz Jobrani, where he makes fun of the differences between Persians and Arabs. Part of the video mocks the way Middle- Easterners say “I am Arab”


   Which proves Maz’s theory completely; I just could not contain myself and laughed so hard at him. The student was looking all confused!

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Rat on Campus

Posted by plasticpam on December 14, 2007

     A rat was found in one of the classes in the faculty of arts. The rat was the highlight of the day. Apparently the fluffy creature lived in the walls for some time, weeks, months, years, who knows?

    The rat reminded me of Ratatouille (a rats dream to become a chef). However, fluffy (campus rat) is surviving the annoying sounds of students and dodging footsteps. Trying all these to stay ambiguous when finally a screaming student found fluffy running reaching for a piece of bread near the garbage. It was not Fluffy’s intention to become so popular.

   Funny how small creatures scare us? Fluffy is actually frightened from gigantic creatures as ourselves.

   When I heard about Fluffy it gave me a kind of pleasure that a rat is living amongst us all these weeks, months or even years. I hope no one gets Fluffy…run Fluffy run…

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Forbidden Fruit

Posted by plasticpam on December 12, 2007


Angels flying at the crack of dawn,

Determining the fate of mankind.

What is mine?

Am I to live wrapped around your arms, until earthly life is terminated?

Or am I to suffer?

Branded a sinner…

If love is a sin…a sinner I am.

A forsaken fate I shall receive.

Love has no restriction, no limitations.

Love is free. It freed my soul.

You are my forbidden fruit, delicious fruit filling my desire.

Not loving you is out of the question.

You have given me hope..

A new destiny,

If love is a sin…. then a sinner I shall be.

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Long Hair Frenzy

Posted by plasticpam on December 5, 2007

    Jordanian women are obsessed with long hair, and most men for that matter. It became an unknown phenomenon for all ladies to have long hair. Every woman worships her long –ankle height- tresses.

My hair was long for some time (almost 5 years) I was also obsessed for some reason. I cut my hair real short a while ago. The feeling is sensational! My neck is bare. Last time I felt the wind slapping my neck was 10 years ago. I wanted a drastic change, a change from the daily routine that we live in. I wanted to free myself from the stereotypes of the society. I felt emancipated (never knew hair could do so much!).

    The hairdresser held a lock of hair, hungry scissors in one hand, closed my eyes and heard ‘chuck, chuck’. The feeling was amazing, he kept cutting the past away. Falling locks of wet brown hair every bad memory forgotten. I felt- I feel like a new person with a new start.

   I went home dreading my family’s comments; I knew they would not like it. My mother hated it at first thinking my prospect of getting married narrowed down, my point exactly! But my sisters loved it; it is a change that they have to get used to.

I went to the University the following day completely unconcerned with their comments (well not completely!). I had different comments and I quote:

   “Wow it’s amazing I didn’t recognize you”.

   “Oh my god what have you done”.


  “You are so brave”


   If bravery is measured by cutting hair then I feel sorry for the real brave one’s. Oh I forgot my favorite “you’ve got balls!” Thank god I don’t!!

Women should realize that it is just hair, it will grow I assure you. It felt like a competition between women, measuring hair length according to where it reaches on the back. A monthly check up where all girls mark their backs with chalk. The winner gets vitamins ‘hair, nail and skin’.

However, I look great 🙂

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